• Post-Samhain

    Samhain has come and gone, and there was an inch of snow on the ground today.

    Briarwood’s ritual was solemn and celebratory, with all of us honoring those Ancestors who’ve had an impact in our lives.  A toast was raised to many traditional Craft elders – Gerald, Doreen and Stewart. 

    As we begin our Long Night, in anticipation of the Sun’s return at Yule, I hope that everyone finds much needed rest, the purchase of a sun-lamp (we’re in Maine, folks), and gentle care of yourself.


  • Hello world!

    Welcome to Forest Sanctuary’s blog.  Here you’ll find various ramblings regarding such things as the impact of early-morning chirpers to ecstatic earth-shaking events.

    Be welcome to our world, share a little, learn a little, and find that all knowledge is worth having.