• Abusing kind hearts

    Have been going through a number of posts on a local Pagan Clergy list, letting the community know about a particular scam-artist.

              It’s sad when kind hearts are taken advantage of.  Sad when people think nothing of attaching themselves to a community, only to use it regardless of the impact their unhealthy behaviors have.

              If you ever wonder whether someone’s story is true, or if it feels too good to be true, share your concerns with someone.  Perhaps a friend, family member, or one of your Clergy-members, but at least share.  Trust your intuition, realize that there are people in the world who readily take advantage of others, know that your own beliefs can be used against you.  Accepting someone as sacred, and a child of the divine, doesn’t mean you accept everything that comes out of their mouth, nor does it mean you’re obligated to help them in any way.

    Acceptance doesn’t mean stupidity. 

    Even if you’re a  Solitary, make sure that you’re networking, or have at least one person with whom you can get some feedback from.

     For more information on this, and other, scam-artists, please feel free to contact us privately at forestsanctuary@yahoo.com

  • Solstice blessings

    We celebrate the longest night, and the returning sun. 


    We had a wonderful evening with Circle-mates.  Lots of yummy food, a wonderful ritual, and greater conversation.  I still can’t get the others to sing with me, but I’m working on it!


    Hoping this year brings much-needed rest and joy to everyone.   The past year has given many friends health issues, so here’s hoping their lives will be filled with healing and hope.

  • Into the darkness

    From Samhain to Yule I celebrate what I consider “the Longest Night.”  During this time I pay extra attention to what my body, and nature, are trying to teach me.  I sleep and read more, try to eat lighter foods, and let myself have time to reflect and recharge.  It used to be that I’d fight my body’s urge to rest,  blindly following the social belief that I should be as productive and energized during the darker half of the year. 

    What a joke. 

     I live in Maine, the short days and cold weather take a huge toll on the body.  Why should I resist what my Lady is trying to teach me?  Rest, rejuvenate, make no plans, enjoy quiet activities, spend time with friends, and enjoy the season, rather than demanding the next one come sooner than it can.