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  • Into the darkness

    From Samhain to Yule I celebrate what I consider “the Longest Night.”  During this time I pay extra attention to what my body, and nature, are trying to teach me.  I sleep and read more, try to eat lighter foods, and let myself have time to reflect and recharge.  It used to be that I’d fight my body’s urge to rest,  blindly following the social belief that I should be as productive and energized during the darker half of the year. 

    What a joke. 

     I live in Maine, the short days and cold weather take a huge toll on the body.  Why should I resist what my Lady is trying to teach me?  Rest, rejuvenate, make no plans, enjoy quiet activities, spend time with friends, and enjoy the season, rather than demanding the next one come sooner than it can.

  • Thanksgiving activities

    Well, the busy Thanksgiving season has passed and we’re now into the insanity of holiday shoppers who seem to lose all reason, propriety and courtesy.  Good luck just getting your weekly groceries without someone running you down with their cart, their screaming kids rupturing your eardrums, or dealing with overall unpleasant behaviors.

    Spent Thanksgiving at Greywolf’s house. He, his lovely wife, and their roommate fed us an amazing meal.  Now that I can move after that amazing repast, I wanted to share some of the other adventures of the day.  We spent a few hours at Jerrys’ rock shop, oohing and aahing over lots of gemstones, tumbled stones, and other cool items. I encourage everyone to stop by if you’re looking for extremely reasonable prices on precious stones and gems.  They can be found on Route 1/North just outside of Saco.  Here’s their website as well: http://www.jerrysgems.com/index.html

     Later that weekend I also stopped by for the Grand reopening of End of the Rainbow Alternatives, a holistic shop on Route 2 in Farmington.  Here you can find a variety of natural foods and supplements, as well as bodywork and supportive groups.  I’m hoping they eventually get a drumming circle going as this would be a great way to share music and rhythm with people looking for connection and joy.  You can find the ladies of the rainbow at:  http://www.endoftherainbowalternatives.com

  • Where can I find a potential Coven or teacher?

    Your best bet would be to start with Witchvox.com and look at the listings for  your state.