• Spring-time blessings

    Spring has arrived! Whether you refer to it as the Vernal Equinox, Ostara, Alban Eilir, or by some other name….it’s HERE.

    While we may have a thick blanket of snow everywhere, the warmer temperatures, the longer days, and the abrupt cessation of continuous snowstorms mark the end of the winter. Plastic eggs have been filled with treasures for the kiddos (and perhaps even childlike adults 🙂 ) chocolate bunnies abound, and many of us have made special foods to enjoy during ritual and potluck gatherings.

    More events are being posted, many are experiencing growing hope, lighter hearts, and greater motivation. If not, I hope those energies may be experienced by those who may be having greater difficulty. While some of us celebrate, others may continue to struggle. My heart, and my thoughts, are with you.

    Warm is the air
    Longer are the days.
    May the spring-time light
    fill you with joy and life.

  • Imbolc Blessings

    A blessed Imbolc to all. May the flame of your inner fire burn bright and strong. Reflection continues, ideas have been explored, and many of us are beginning the early process of seed-preparation for those things we shall plant, both literally and figuratively.

    Imbolc is also a time of renewing vows with Deity, of initiation and renewal, and I ask you… what are you needing to charge, re-charge, renew, and affirm? What is the Path you seek, and are your actions taking you towards, or away, from that Path?

    I affirm that I am Their Priestess, that my hands, my heart, and my actions continue to take me down Their path of Service. I seek to better my community, with my skills and strength. I am Theirs as Priestess, as Clergy, and as someone who Does Something. While my Work may not always be visible, especially to those who chose not to see, its impact continues to ripple outward in protective waves.

  • Yuletide Reflections

    While others share their excitement regarding family, friends, community, baking of goodies, and shared traditions, I’m noticing a rapid decrease in energy, and the onset of sadness, despondency, and painful loneliness.

    While there are so many wonderful aspects to Yule, the festivities only emphasize how lonely many people are.  While Yule is a perfect time for reflection and introspection, it can be exhausting to watch others interact with community and supportive families.  The darkness of the season, the cold, and the outward barrenness can be a reflection of the struggles some people are experiencing.  Within these struggles, it can be nearly impossible to contemplate such distant concepts as rebirth and renewal.

    While some are celebrating, feeling close, and being invigorated, others are in tears, disconnected, and drained.

    Reflections……joy, sadness, light, darkness, movement, inertia.  These are all the lessons of the season.

    In the darkness, may we find the light.  Renewal is not yet here, and for some there are tribulations yet to be faced before light is reborn.