• Imbolc Blessings

    A blessed Imbolc to all. May the flame of your inner fire burn bright and strong. Reflection continues, ideas have been explored, and many of us are beginning the early process of seed-preparation for those things we shall plant, both literally and figuratively.

    Imbolc is also a time of renewing vows with Deity, of initiation and renewal, and I ask you… what are you needing to charge, re-charge, renew, and affirm? What is the Path you seek, and are your actions taking you towards, or away, from that Path?

    I affirm that I am Their Priestess, that my hands, my heart, and my actions continue to take me down Their path of Service. I seek to better my community, with my skills and strength. I am Theirs as Priestess, as Clergy, and as someone who Does Something. While my Work may not always be visible, especially to those who chose not to see, its impact continues to ripple outward in protective waves.

  • Yuletide Reflections

    While others share their excitement regarding family, friends, community, baking of goodies, and shared traditions, I’m noticing a rapid decrease in energy, and the onset of sadness, despondency, and painful loneliness.

    While there are so many wonderful aspects to Yule, the festivities only emphasize how lonely many people are.  While Yule is a perfect time for reflection and introspection, it can be exhausting to watch others interact with community and supportive families.  The darkness of the season, the cold, and the outward barrenness can be a reflection of the struggles some people are experiencing.  Within these struggles, it can be nearly impossible to contemplate such distant concepts as rebirth and renewal.

    While some are celebrating, feeling close, and being invigorated, others are in tears, disconnected, and drained.

    Reflections……joy, sadness, light, darkness, movement, inertia.  These are all the lessons of the season.

    In the darkness, may we find the light.  Renewal is not yet here, and for some there are tribulations yet to be faced before light is reborn.

  • Belated Samhain reflections

    Samhain blessings everyone!

    Ghosts, witches, goblins, and all things scary were out in abundance last night. The jack o’lanterns were lit, the candy was doled out, and the night was filled with lights, laughter, and a gentle fall of autumnal rain. Welcome Halloween, and the opportunity to play, pig-out, and celebrate the end of the harvest season.

    Flip the coin, and we have Samhain: a time to honor our Ancestors, travel between worlds, and decorate altars with offerings, photos, and sacred ties of connection.  Again, we celebrate the harvest, all that we have received, and the turning of the Wheel.  Now do we enter into the Dark Night, and a time of introspection, darkness, solitude, rest, and shadow-work.

    Currently, I’m ill with a head-cold, don’t have much energy, am tired and grumpy, and am dreading winter.  Probably should explore that dread in-depth if I want to be practicing what I preach.  Yeah?  When I can think a little more clearly.

    The summer was abundant, with no drought, but I noticed that I became a bit “bleh” with managing the garden, and observed that some things have gone to waste.  Hmmm…what’s that all about?  Got distracted by household renovations, Autumn arrived, I noticed that the start of the school year had been stressful, again, regarding a tween with attitude.  Lots of energy was poured into navigating child-teacher conflicts and the angst of a budding teen.  Grow, child, just not too fast.

    My country is in turmoil, invalidation is rampant, #Metoo, predators, and self-care in the face of trauma are at the top of most people’s list. Our President’s hatred and divisiveness is poisoning everything, and we’ve seen a rampant increase in racism, and hatred in general.  I’ve also seen a high level of reactivity without growth, and people becoming bubbling, festering wounds; re-traumatizing themselves, and those they were trying to educate or help.

    What does this have to do with Samhain?  Shadow-work people.  Shadow-work.  What needs to be addressed that hasn’t been?  What darkness is within us that needs to be brought forth and examined?  What needs to be ripped out and composted?  What needs to be put to rest so that renewal can happen and life can begin again?  What pain needs to be validated and healed?   What do you need to let go of.  Blood, sweat, and tears….let it go.   Rest, heal, reflect, learn, and move towards tomorrow.  Towards new seeds, growth, and the potential for joy and life.