Fools who try to diagnose

Just read a new post by our states very own radical Christian cult.  Somehow they think they have the expertise to diagnose mental disorders, with the intention to utilize diagnostic information for perpetuating their delusional agenda.

What are we talking about?  GID, or Gender Identity Disorder.   These folks are stating that this disorder causes men and women to dress as the opposite gender.   Sorry folks, this is just another attempt to try and twist something to your own liking, and then to utilize it as more fuel for your hysterics.

As usual, they haven’t a clue as to what they’re talking about.

GID causes people to dress as the opposite sex?  Completely untrue.  Again, these folks are ridiculous.  They continue to demonstrate their lack of intelligence and credibility. What a laugh.

This also leads me down the path, and my soapbox, regarding people who think they have the ability and authority to diagnosis other people’s mental health status.

Be very wary when someone describes themselves as a counselor, utilizing such terms as “spiritual advisor,” coach, or any other variation.   Sure, there are plenty of fabulous, skilled folks, with good ethics, who will explain what they can/cannot provide, as well as clarity regarding their title.   There are also plenty of unethical, untrained, and untrustworthy people who will leave you with nothing more than hurt, confusion, or even trauma.  There are also those folks who fall somewhere in-between.

If something feels too good to be true, it is.  If they cannot provide factual information regarding their training or credentials, then walk away.  If you’re not sure, contact your state’s licensing board.  Every individual who professes to have a state license, to operate in the capacity of a counselor, must typically be approved by the state, complete continuous training, and apply for regular renewal.

 Always check out a situation and ask questions.  There are too many wannabees, too many charlatans, and too many people who don’t know the limits of their own practice.

The gods gave us a: a brain, intuition, Craft tools, and a community.  Utilize all of those things if you’re wanting help with any type of mental health issue.