What’s it worth

 I spotted this on Walking the Hedge, and thought it would offer a lot of thought-food.  Might piss off some people, but I think the questions are quite pertinent.


What’s It Worth To You?

If you are never late for work, yet never on time at an Open Circle?

If you always try to keep your promises, but feel justified in not showing up to help out at Pagan Pride Day like you said you would?

If you will go out of your way to buy that expensive latte at your favorite coffee shop, but never make an appearance at the local Pagan Coffee Meet & Greet?

If you donate to the food bank through work every year at Christmas, but somehow never remember to bring a can of beans when the local Pagan clergy are collecting for that same food bank or for Pagans going through hard times?

If you spend a fortune on cheap beer and yet have never bought a jug of mead from your local Heathen brewer?

If you always mean to do this or that ritual, but never get around to it for any real reason?

If you’ll spend $200 and a weekend drinking with your buddies, but never show up for Pagan Pub Night?

If you go to the pharmacy and buy up all the bottles labeled “herbal” but have never been to the actual herbalist in town?

If you would always offer to do the dishes after having dinner at a friends house, but never volunteer to help out at a Fest or Gathering?

If you will spend $80 on a ticket for a concert, but won’t spend $20 cover charge to see a Pagan band play at the pub?

If you can make time to play video games, but not to meditate?

If you will stay up late to finish reading that mystery novel, but still haven’t read any of the Witchcraft books you bought last month?

If you buy cheap beer for Odin and expensive wine for yourself?

If you spend $45 dollars on a new blouse you might never wear but you won’t spend $15 at the local metaphysical shop on a candleholder?

If you would rather spend your evening watching reruns of Lost than watch a documentary on the Celts? (or the Viking, or Egyptian burial practices or whatever)

If you can recite whole episodes of the Simpson’s by heart, but can never remember which Element goes with Emotion?

If you will march proudly with your gay friends in their Pride Parade through downtown but won’t show your face at Pagan Pride Day in the park?

If you will spend $10 at a car wash but think you shouldn’t have to chip in $5 to support your local Pagan clergy/temple/organization/event/etc?

How much is it worth to you, and do your actions reflect it?