Spring-time blessings

Spring has arrived! Whether you refer to it as the Vernal Equinox, Ostara, Alban Eilir, or by some other name….it’s HERE.

While we may have a thick blanket of snow everywhere, the warmer temperatures, the longer days, and the abrupt cessation of continuous snowstorms mark the end of the winter. Plastic eggs have been filled with treasures for the kiddos (and perhaps even childlike adults 🙂 ) chocolate bunnies abound, and many of us have made special foods to enjoy during ritual and potluck gatherings.

More events are being posted, many are experiencing growing hope, lighter hearts, and greater motivation. If not, I hope those energies may be experienced by those who may be having greater difficulty. While some of us celebrate, others may continue to struggle. My heart, and my thoughts, are with you.

Warm is the air
Longer are the days.
May the spring-time light
fill you with joy and life.