Imbolc Blessings

A blessed Imbolc to all. May the flame of your inner fire burn bright and strong. Reflection continues, ideas have been explored, and many of us are beginning the early process of seed-preparation for those things we shall plant, both literally and figuratively.

Imbolc is also a time of renewing vows with Deity, of initiation and renewal, and I ask you… what are you needing to charge, re-charge, renew, and affirm? What is the Path you seek, and are your actions taking you towards, or away, from that Path?

I affirm that I am Their Priestess, that my hands, my heart, and my actions continue to take me down Their path of Service. I seek to better my community, with my skills and strength. I am Theirs as Priestess, as Clergy, and as someone who Does Something. While my Work may not always be visible, especially to those who chose not to see, its impact continues to ripple outward in protective waves.