Autumn has arrived

Well, hello Autumn!  We had another hot and dry summer, and suddenly we’re having 40s at night and mild days.  The leaves have started to don their autumn colors, and much of the garden has been harvested.  The deer have invaded and are munching the apples, with the squirrels and unnamed rodents having tunneled throughout the lawn.

Autumn in Maine is a beautiful time, though I’m having some difficulty being mindful of the season as I know it’s a precursor to winter.  I don’t like our winters 🙁

Autumn, and the equinox are my favorite time of the year.  Yes, it’s my birthday, but my focus is more on the sensory experience which are so vibrant right now: the fiery colors, the luscious smells of apples, spice, pumpkins, corn, and the yummy odor of fried foods coming from the local fairgrounds. There’s a crispness to the air, with the days comfortable, and the nights spent around bonfires or snuggled up in a soft sweater or blanket.  The crickets have chirped for the past month, and now they’re accompanied by night-time hooting from owls.

Whether you call this season Mabon, Harvest Home, or the Equinox, may it bring many wonderful treasures to you.  May you find balance, light, and warmth, as the nights become cooler.