Whelp…it’s Lammas.

Not sure how I feel about that, as it also emphasizes that the harvest season is here, and that means…Winter is coming!    I really don’t like winter.  It seems to last forever, kicks my butt and brings on the depression.

Regardless.  It’s Lammas, and while it’s been hot and humid way too often, we’ve had a wonderful summer.  The garden has grown well, there’s lots of beautiful color,  smells, and fresh veggies and fruit are always a wonderful thing.  I appreciate that I have land where I can make a direct connection to the earth, Herself.  I can sink my toes and fingers into the soil, hear all the seasonal noises (currently crickets), enjoy the sun and moonbeams, and have privacy.

The season has been filled with lots of events, even if I don’t attend all of them.  Holistic fairs, the start of Pagan Pride gatherings, Lammas festivals, bonfires, and autumnal preparations.  I’ll be attending Pagan Community Day on Saturday, which gives me a chance to see familiar faces, offer support as MPCA president, and enjoy some music and workshops.   The kiddo has a month-long visit with his father, which gives me some much needed rest from active parenting.  The kiddo enters junior high this year, which will present new, as well as old, challenges.

So…Lammas.  First harvest.  Reaping what our actions have manifested: continued good health, connection with the land, changes in the work-setting, becoming more cognizant of issues needing attention, and learning how to navigate new challenges.

A blessed Lammas to All!