Spring is Here!!

Finally!!  Spring has arrived after another long Maine winter.

Just 2 weeks ago we had a winter-weather advisory with sleet, snow, and freezing rain.  Since then, the temperatures have “soared” into the upper 60s and the majority of our snow has melted.  The ground quickly went through it’s soft and squishy stage, and things have firmed up enough to get in/out of the driveway without sinking to the frame.

I’ve already been working the garden, exploring the concept of “no till” methods, and actually planted my peas.  Love those peas!  And this batch will produce deep scarlet pods 🙂

As I age, the seasons impact me more deeply.  The joys of autumn weather, the discomfort and dread of winter storms, and the eager anticipation of spring-time weather.  Summer is a crap-shoot regarding whether it’ll be cooperative or drought-based.

As the spring and summer seasons roll in, so too do the various Pagan festivals and events.  Within 2 weeks,  we’ll gather at Popham beach for our Beltane festival.  From the long ago gathering of 20 folks on the island, we’ve surged to hundreds and needing to use up to 6 Maypoles!  Wow!

The Maine Pagan Clergy Association will hold its 2nd annual Clergy Conference, with the hopes that this will continue to grow and advance professional skills as Clergy meet the needs of their community.

Various Pagan pride/unity days will be happening, and there’ve been some newcomers offering a variety of rituals and events.  This last bit is wonderful to see, as many of us are aging and no longer have the “umph” to facilitate as we once did.

Many friends have had a tumultuous year, and I’m hoping spring will bring them some much needed healing and rejuvenation.

May the spring bring blessings to all!