Welcome to the Fires of Autumn

Harvest Home, the Autumn Equinox, and Second Harvest.  All are names celebrating this time of the year.  A time of transformation, of harvesting all that the summer has brought to us, and enjoying the changing foliage and temperatures.  Though we still have occasional days of heat, the nights have cooled and the day-time temperatures are quite enjoyable.

I love this time of the year!  The fiery colors, clear air, and cool nights all lead to a desire to be outdoors, outdoors, have bonfires, and enjoy whatt he autumn brings to us.

The majority of the harvest is in, with the cold-room and freezer packed with a variety of delicious foods.  No drought this year, so there was an abundance of fruits and vegetables, with some of them still being gathered.

The summer has brought a few changes including greater financial comfort and home-improvements.  It has also brought challenges associated with a child entering the “tween” years and the impact that has on a single parent.   The lesson of Balance, of ebb and flow, and letting the fire of transformation worth through and For me has been prominent.

Blessings of the Harvest upon everyone.  During this moment of equal dark and light may you find your own balance.  Enjoy the colors, the ripeness of the season, eat some apples, drink some cider, and dance around a bonfire or two.