Summer Solstice

A blessed Solstice to All!

Solstice was a glorious day and night, and I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better example of what summer means here in Maine.

The weather was warm and pleasant.  The skies were bright and blue.  The night was filled with starlight and the first sign of fireflies.  The season has been very pleasant with warm days and plenty of rain, resulting in vibrant colors from flowers and quickly-growing plants.  I’m amazed at the abundance in my garden and flower-beds…and we’ve barely begun the growing season!

The summer has already been filled with a number of events and gatherings, with there always being a need for balance regarding down-time.  A lot of change is happening in the lives of friends – sold homes, preparations for new ones, new endeavors regarding roles, job-options, travel, and diverse transitions.

Warm winds to all, with clarity, beauty, and healng energies sent your way.   May you each know connection, joy, abundance, and experience an uplifting of spirit.