Season of Transformation

Have been feeling very reflective this winter, with so many things feeling “wrong.”   Being a sensitive person, I find myself struggling to keep my head above waves of angst, worries for friends, concerns for our country, confusion and disgust for decisions made by someone I see as unhinged and sick, and the everyday struggles around supporting others through their emotional journeys, raising my child, and just trying to take care of the daily tasks.

So many of us are experiencing darkness, despair, and fear.   Attempts to find hope seem immediately blocked by new despairs.   We’re struggling to create opportunities where hope, love, and support can be nurtured and shared.

In all this darkness, I see something very wonderful happening:  So many people gathering in community, raising their voices as One Voice, sharing the same Vision of unity, and defying those who would oppress.  The lights are shining brightly in the darkness, bringing people home, easing pain, and renewing hope.

As Imbolc arrives I’m profoundly reminded of Brigid, Celtic goddess of fire, smithcraft, healing, and poetry.  Her symbols are also those of protector,  her energies are shamanic, attempts to minimize her failed, and it is She who can be sought during this “season” of transformation and challenge.

I’ll take even little signs of hope, and wanted to share this with others:  the hibiscus plant, in my office, has blossomed today.  One, lone flower, in the midst of winter.  A blossom of such perfection, with 5 petals of delicate red.  Guess what the meaning of Hibiscus is?  Beauty, unity, peace, and new creation.

I can accept that  🙂