Gossip in the community

This week at Witchvox readers should check on the following article regarding gossip in the Pagan community:  http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=usks&c=words&id=13639

In this article Alfred Willowhawk explores the impact of gossip in its forms of innocuous chatting amongst people, the exchange of information in order to explore someone’s claims/credentials, or the more slanderous attempts by individuals to manipulate others or for the purpose of character assassination.

He further explores the ripple-effect of gossip, as well as the various religious/spiritual teachings regarding this behavior.

Though I am no innocent to gossipy behavior, I invite everyone to explore the concept of walking their talk, of practicing the concept of ‘…harm none,” increasing their awareness regarding the long-range impact of ill thoughts and ill deeds, as well as determining for themselves the truth of what they heard from someone else.

Not everything you hear is the truth, no matter the source.  Ask more questions, seek more sources, ponder, and formulate your own opinion.  You might discover that you’ve been harming someone with your assumptions and lack of information.

 A few other things to think about:

 When is it gossip versus fact-finding? 

When is it slander versus fact?

How will you know which it is?