Shifting into a new responsibility (oh shit…!)

Well, I’m taking the plunge.  Having been involved with the Maine Pagan Clergy Association since its inception, I have fulfilled a number of roles:  assisting in the development of licensure, being a general board member, the Secretary, and most recently the organizations’ Licensure Coordinator.   The past year has seen a lot of intellectual activity and output in the form of creating an ethics’ standard and  grievance procedure.

MPCA’s annual meeting occurred this past weekend, I offered myself as the next President, and was accepted and voted into that office.  Holy shit!  Now what am I gonna do!

Some of you know how much of an introvert I am, and how I’m focused on behind-the-scenes kind of work.  Some of you may not…but you do NOW.    I am a single mother, a full-time therapist, analytical and over-thinking, a writer, and kind of isolated from community.  I often doubt myself, worry about too many things, and waffle between “I know I can” to “this feels too exhausting.”

As part of our meeting, we discussed community concerns of grief, anger, and how to be supportive of the needs of said community….issues which are personal and I have opinions about, but issues that would also require that I operate in a more extroverted and social way in my role as President.  This is uncomfortable for me.  I have contact with people when I facilitate open events, or one/one in the safe confines of my therapist office/role, but not an entire online and face/face community.

My gifts, as a Priestess, have always focused on ritual, on spiritual guidance, music, movement, and assisting others in moving into new places within their lives.  I’m feeling a little frozen as to how I’m going to facilitate my own process

My hopes for this new role:  to lead by example, to encourage, to create, to be responsible and ethical, to have a few good answers when others ask questions, and to not look like a complete idiot.