Mead making

Well I thought I’d try my hand at some unusual meads.  Hubby has been making mead since his introduction a couple of years ago (see Bardic Brews ) , and we’ve been very blessed to have every batch turn out well, though with definite variations regarding flavor and strength.

I thought I’d try some herbal concoctions as I’ve been growing herbs for many years and wanted to see how they turned out in a mead.  The first batch will be lavender, and I’m hoping for something dry and delicate, so it doesn’t seem like I’m drinking flowers 😉

The second batch is going to be an herbal tonic consisting of St. John’s wort, Calendula, Nasturtium, and Beebalm.  Given the qualities of each plant I’m wondering if the mead will result in something that has soothing and relaxing qualities (and not just due to the alcohol content.

Both carboys are bubbling away, so we’ll see what we have in a few months ;-))


One Response to Mead making

  1. Unfortunately, neither of these batches turned out very well. I think I know what went wrong, so next time will have a few adjustments as I’d really like to create a lavender mead.