Getting back on track

It’s been much too long since I last posted.  The seasons have changed and our group recently celebrated Ostara – jut that week we experienced an amazing early spring with temperatures in the 70/80’s and a burst of buds and energy.  What might this hold for us?  A long summer?  A dry summer?  A wonderful season of growth and transformation?  Guess we’ll wait and see.

Have been doing a great deal of reflecting, as have many of my Pagan colleagues.  The world continues to change,  and we, in turn,  are impacted by that change. Rather than be swept along, how do we learn to ride the tides?  I’d rather partake of these changes in a way that develops me as a person, and provides direction and energy for transformation.

I reflect on the Maine Pagan community, and the changes it’s gone through in the 27 years I’ve been actively involved  – Beltane on the beach, NAP, Earthtides, witchie shops, open rituals, covens, groves, weekend gatherings, MPCA, Pagan Pride Day, moots, blogs, podcasts (oh my!).  Our state has experienced so many things, and its leaders have led, smiled, laughed, and cried, and moved forward with the demands of a growing spirituality.  What, then, is the next phase of our journey?  What will be the inner and outer manifestation?  Well, that kind of depends on what we’re each seeking – what do YOU want the next phase to hold?  What meaning do YOU want it to have on a personal level?

Bless my eyes that I may hear Your voice.  Bless my lips that may speak Your sacred name.  Bless my heart that I may know Your blessings.