Let every day be one of prayer and cleansing

Let us celebrate all that we have!  Let us honor the Gods who have created this beautiful world.   Let us celebrate the fruitfulness of the land and the life bestowed upon mind and body.  Let us celebrate the day and the night, laughter and tears. Let us celebrate in silence, in song, in dance and merriment.  Let us celebrate the gifts of the Lady, and the Mysteries of the Lord.

Let me make a temple of my body, to cleanse it with gifts from the earth. Let me fast and make ready to be filled once again. 

I, who am a child of the Divine, who is sacred and whole just as I am.  Let me share and celebrate with the Gods who are ever with me.  Blessed Be.


One Response to Let every day be one of prayer and cleansing

  1. I cannot support the motivations leading to Aug. 6 being designated as a day of prayer and fasting – a project fueled by narrow-mindedness, arrogance, and a desire to convert through coercion and threats.

    What I do support is the idea of honoring our spirituality and chosen paths of religious expression. I think acts of devotion and cleansing of the body have their place in all Paths, so blessed be Every day!