Retreats for the soul

Just returned from a fantastic weekend!   Great friends, fantastic weather, and awesome food.   Plenty of workshops and evenings by the fire to feed my soul and renew my inner flame.

Why might retreats be important?  We spend so much time toiling in the mundane world and operating by the rules and expectations of our family, employers, and society in general.  For me, I get bogged down after a while, because I am much more than these particular roles.  I am a spiritual being, who needs to be within an environment that truly allows me to rest and recharge.   Rituals with Circle-mates and the occasional Pagan Pride Day just aren’t enough.  Retreats are about immersion within your culture, at least for me.

When I go on this particular retreat, I am able to reconnect with my spiritual culture with its uniwue views regarding connection, affection, and spiritual growth.  I come home feeling normalized and happy, knowing that I am a walker between two worlds, and that both have value to me.

I find that stressful people and situations are easier to handle, and my attitude is more relaxed, with a greater ability to process and find answers.  I also feel more connected to my Path and experience a heightened sense of direction.

Retreats are more than vacations – they are opportunities to not only relax, but experiences of mind, body and spirit.

What a wonderful, wonderful autumn!  May it’s glowing colors, its rich scents, and bountiful harvest be experienced by everyone.