Beltane at Popham beach

What a wonderful day!  The Maine pagan community celebrated their 28th annual Beltane on the beach at Popham beach in the town of Phippsburg.  We were lucky again to have warm, pleasant weather.  Though the haze and blue skies kept shifting, we had no fear of the weather becoming wet or uncomfortable.

Though the beach has suffered severe erosion over the past few years, the community was still able to erect 4 (or 5?) Maypoles to dance and sing around.  After that, we all gathered in a new picnic area for the giant potluck.  Was able to reconnect with folks I don’t often see, mostly due to distance.

As usual, I joined the drummers with my trusty Remo and shared in the rhythms and vocalizations.  I still wish we had more musicians willing to join in, as I’m sure there’s plenty of talented folk within the community.

My partner and I brought our 3 year old hellion, who enjoyed throwing and swimming in sand.   It’s interesting how many places you can wash sand from when it comes to small children.

It’s amazing to reflect that we’re going on 30 years of gathering on this beach to celebrate Beltane.  My first year was 1992, but I believe the folks before me had started in the mid 80’s.  There’ve been many changes over the years, one being the significant increase in attendees.  I remember a time of perhaps 20 people, and we’ve now had gatherings where there were over 200!

May we have many more celebrations of life and the turning wheel. May the gods keep us safe and healthy, and guide us in our paths of growth and transformation.