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  • Summer solstice

    A little late, but blessed summer to all.

    Though we’ve had much in the way of rain and humidity, those days filled with warmth have brought forth many opportunities to explore what nature has to offer.   This year seems to be another one filled with change, and not all of it pleasant.  I remind myself to take deep breaths, and to focus on the positives of what change can bring.  I focus on what remains constant in my life, as well as the activities and items that can bring joy and assistance.  I remind myself that the Gods are always with me, even when it feels like I’m all alone.

    For focus and clarity:

                    the wind will ever be there to caress my face.

                   the fire of my spirit will always warm me.

                   the living waters will cleanse and nourish me.

                   the earth, herself, carries me each day.


    (c) Kerry


  • A blessed Imbolc to everyone

    Now do I honor the Lady in her strength as healer, smith, andpoet.  In my work as a therapist, I look to Brigid to guide my words and deeds, that others who find me will also find their own healing.

    May the light shine on new endeavors, and may all find hope and healing in the Lady’s ever-burning light.

    Today is the start of a new journey, however small it might seem on the surface. My Fridays will now be spent in a new location, working with new clients, and I’m hoping to establish roots and nourishment from this change.

    May we all find the flame that brings healing and hope.

  • Changes

    I’m now in my new office at KBH.  It’s been a wee bit stressful as we all anticipated relocation.  Remaining focused on letting things flow as they would has been a huge help in knowing what to worry about and what didn’t need my attention.

    So here I am in my colorful office, decorated with many objects connected to the elements.  My philosophy is that office space should be designed to be aesthetically pleasing to client and therapist alike, as most of us are responsive to external stimuli, whether we realize it or not.  In order to remain balanced as a therapist, I find that incorporation of elemental items has kept me healthier, and many of my clients respond in a positive manner as well.

    I’m lucky in that I can bring a little of nature and ritual into my working space, and hope that other Pagans consider what they can do to bless their own workspaces – even if it means you can only have a little object or picture to focus on when you’re weary or frustrated.