• Samhain blessings

    A Blessed Samhain to all.


    Honor to those who have come before…for their wisdom, their laughter, and their support.

    Honor to the Land without which we would not be sustained

    Honor to the Wild ones who bring us Mystery untamed

    Honor to you, as a Child of the Gods

    May the fires burn bright, the toasts be many, and may we dance the close of one cycle and the start of the new.

  • Blessed Lammas

    A Blessed Lammas to All!

    As we celebrate the first harvest, let us take time to breathe in the scents of summer, to feel the warmth of the sun upon our face, to hear the bird-song and various animal noises.  Note the growth of the gardens, the flowers, and all things Wild.

    From thunder and lightning, to the blossom of peas and potatoes, to the ripening fruit ready to be eaten or soon-to-be harvested.

    Summer has brought us an abundance of growth here at Forest Sanctuary.  We’ve gobbled on strawberries, picked gallons of blueberries, and have been able to munch on early raspberries and blackberries.    Swimming in the lakes, watching the many-colored butterflies, and just feeling the warm breezes blowing through our hair.

    Hail Summer in all its Glory!!

  • Summer sizzle

    Summer is most definitely here.  The heat, the humidity, swimming, gardening, and me, the asthmatic, gasping for breath.  Damn pollen.

    It’s all good, though.  Winter was 6 months of torture, and it’s wonderful to be outdoors, with the vibrant colors and smells, and focused on appreciating what nature has in store for me.

    Our garden is growing well, though recent visitors have me a wee bit concerned.  Saw a young buck and has lady-companion the other day……in the garden, eating some roses.  Now I’m worried about my veggies and fruit-trees being munched on, and not having any left over for we humans.  How then do we live in harmony?  Isn’t that always the question, though?

    Harmony:  .. b. A relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another:

    I do not wish to destroy, though I understand the balance of removing, relocating, or harvesting (as examples).   I am not better, the priority, or dominant, and want a chance to live and grow as well.  To communicate, to cooperate, to be firm, and to find ways of negotiating so that all may have their time.  Good strategies, whether they’re used with other humans, animals, or the Wild.

    We’ll see how things go.