• Visiting Merkaba Sol

    So, I finally visited the shop Merkaba Sol.  They’ve been open for 5 years, and life has kept me so busy that I couldn’t get to this wonderful shop in Augusta Maine.

    Very nice, I must say.  David, Bishop, and their guardian Ripley have  a wonderful shop, with lots of space, light, and good vibes.  Not only do they have merchandise on the bottom floor, they have an upper floor available for a variety of events, including services and classes (see their website and definitely sign up for their online newsletter).

    Lots of soothing energy, with Ripley at the door ready to greet you.  David was very helpful regarding any questions I had, as well as offering to look into things if I needed specific items.

    You can find candles, incense, jewelry, books, tapestries, plaques, tools of various sorts, gorgeous crystal singing bowls, beautiful items to adorn your home or gift to friends, as well as lots of salt-crystal lights, and a ton of gemstones…carved and loose.  It’s a full space, but not overcrowded.   I found hidden treasures everywhere, as well as very reasonable prices.   I really want that large obsidian mirror, darn-it, but will have to wait a little longer.

  • Spring Time Blessings

    Spring has arrived here in Maine.  With it comes a snowstorm, which I’ve always referred to as our “joke storm,” as it always seems to arrive on, or just after, the equinox.

    Celebrating with friends, feeling the awakening of the land and my own hopes.  Considering the seeds I’d like to plant, with a focus on bringing dreams to fruition.

    I wish everyone a joyous spring.  May light winds blow.  May the spark of family and community burn bright.  May the waters cleanse and nourish you, and may the earth provide for you.



  • Imbolc

    Winter has been very mild here in Maine – at least in my part of the woods.  It almost feels like spring has arrived, but I know how tricky our weather can be, and I’m just waiting for the massive snowstorm to hit us.

    In the meantime, Imbolc has arrived, and with it has come changes, transitions, and the hope for rebirth.  Friends are experiencing endings, and we’re celebrating the process of being plunged into the fires of rebirth and initiation.

    Take a moment, light a candle, and breathe.  The world is shifting, the days are lengthening, the snow is melting, and we’re feeling those first stirrings in the blood and bone.   There is wariness and hope.  There may be fear and even dread.   Something is coming.  Will you jump on board and ride the change or tumble off and hide?

    Whatever is to come, take a moment for yourself.  Stand in the snow, watch the stars and moon, listen to those small stirrings and scurryings.  The Earth is awakening and you can too.