• Imbolc

    Winter has been very mild here in Maine – at least in my part of the woods.  It almost feels like spring has arrived, but I know how tricky our weather can be, and I’m just waiting for the massive snowstorm to hit us.

    In the meantime, Imbolc has arrived, and with it has come changes, transitions, and the hope for rebirth.  Friends are experiencing endings, and we’re celebrating the process of being plunged into the fires of rebirth and initiation.

    Take a moment, light a candle, and breathe.  The world is shifting, the days are lengthening, the snow is melting, and we’re feeling those first stirrings in the blood and bone.   There is wariness and hope.  There may be fear and even dread.   Something is coming.  Will you jump on board and ride the change or tumble off and hide?

    Whatever is to come, take a moment for yourself.  Stand in the snow, watch the stars and moon, listen to those small stirrings and scurryings.  The Earth is awakening and you can too.

  • Hail to the Winter Sun

    Solstice blessings to everyone!  May the turning of the wheel bring hope, light, and life to you.

    As we celebrate the sun’s return, and the season of winter, I hope that this time of reflection is also a time of joy and hope.

    Here in central Maine we’re getting ready for our first major snow storm, which I’m both excited for but dreading as well.  The fresh snow will cover the land with a blanket of beauty, but this also means increasing cold and the challenge of staying warm and cleared out.

    Hold your loved ones safe.  Find new loved ones.  Share your stories and songs with community, and turn your face to the sun and winter moon as often as possible.


  • Samhain blessings

    A Blessed Samhain to all.


    Honor to those who have come before…for their wisdom, their laughter, and their support.

    Honor to the Land without which we would not be sustained

    Honor to the Wild ones who bring us Mystery untamed

    Honor to you, as a Child of the Gods

    May the fires burn bright, the toasts be many, and may we dance the close of one cycle and the start of the new.