• Autumnal Equinox

    My favorite time of the year.

    You can feel the changes in the air….warm days, cooler nights, breezes that bring the scent of earth, ripe apples, and turning leaves.  I love the autumn with the garden filled with orange rounds of pumpkins, the apple tree so loaded the branches have drooped, and the ability to breathe in crisp, clear air.

    Autumn also brings the reminder that harvest-season is the harbinger of winter.  We gather, we store, we stack tons of wood (at least that’s what it feels like to my body), and begin that shift into winter preparations.

    Not only do I feel invigorated, with many tasks yet to be done, I know this is also the time of drawing inward….contemplating on what this year has meant to me, joys and regrets, lessons learned, observing the shadows, sharing a fire with friends, and storing the memories that will help me through the colder months of introspection and solitude.

    May your fires burn bright, and the autumn fill you with joy.



  • First Harvest

    Lammas, or Lughnasadh, has come and gone.  Here in western Maine Lammas is a very appropriate holiday for the season.  Strawberries were previously harvested, blueberries and blackberries are currently being picked, and many items from the garden have already been partaken of.

    We’ve been experiencing a bit of a drought and it’s been interesting to explore water-harvesting techniques.

    My word…I just realized how many times I used the term “harvest.”  Well there.   For some, in other parts of the country or the world, the idea of First Harvest may not exactly correspond with their weather/season.  Here, it does.

    The days are shortening, and though we still have times of high heat, the weather is slowly starting to shift.  We ask that rains come to nourish our plants and to fill our wells.  Nights are becoming more comfortable, and sitting around a bonfire is a pleasure rather than a sauna-experience.


    A blessed Harvest-season to all….whatever your “crop” may be   🙂

  • A summer prayer

    A blessed Solstice to all!

    May your life be filled with warmth and light.  May your heart be filled with laughter and joy.  May you find magic in moon-filled nights, the twinkling of firefly light, and the beautiful colors of the land around you.

    Wherever you may be, and whatever has been happening to you….I hope that you can find a piece of joy, a moment of relief, a breath of air, community, and healing.  May the sun’s light embrace and hold you safe.